Gold Panning Regulations - Know The Law Before You Pan

Searching for gold can be a thrilling adventure. However, you must be knowledgeable of the existing gold panning regulations and laws in the area in which you are planning to pan. It is vital that you preserve the land and other natural resources by imposing limitations upon your panning activity.

The Great California Gold run in 1849 started when a man named James Marshall discovered gold in California. The discovery sent thousand of people to march into the Californian lands to dig and turn every bit of gravel found. This activity done by literally thousands of folks desperate to obtain fast cash resulted to hideous consequences.

During those years, violence and injustice become prevalent. With folk getting rubbed out, the natural environment also got murdered. The habitat of fishes and other marine organisms were destroyed due to determined panning and mining.

Some techniques of gold panning use the component mercury to effectively bring out the gold bits from the black and sticky sand. Too much mercury or wrong handling of this component is deadly to human and animal life. So before you set out to do some recreational gold panning, you must first try the existing gold panning regulations so as not to disobey these rules.

Mercury also has a crushing effect on the natural environment, especially in the aquatic habitation. If you are not aware, you may end up in trouble with the Environmental Protection Agency. Another critical thing to think about is the authorizes and licenses required before you dig.

Take note that some lands are now owned and protected by private individuals. You need to obtain authorization from them if you are permitted to search for gold as well as do your gold panning activities there. If the land is government-owned, you want to seek authorization as well.

Awareness of the current gold panning rules is an absolute must if you'd like this recreation to be a thrill and enjoyable as you want it to be.

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